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Electronica 2020

Data: 10 - 13 November 2020 / Munich, Germany
Messe München

Electronica is the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronic components, systems, applications, and solutions. 


Environmental testing of electronic equipment aims at significantly reducing the risk of product failure in the field and accelerating product time-to-market. Testing is critical for ensuring that products not only work as planned but do so without failures in the environmental conditions under which they must operate and be transported.
ACS chambers simulate environments for research, development, manufacture, qualification, acceptance and product reliability testing at any stage of the product life cycle.


Innovation, flexibility, advanced know-how have always been the keys to ACS's success in the "special" chamber sector.
Beside a wide range of standard chambers, ACS is able to provide customized test equipment for the electronics industry, mainly combining temperature, RH and mechanical stress (vibration) tests that are typically performed in sectors at the forefront of technological research. These chambers can be  equipped with special interfaces for all types of vibrators produced by major international manufacturers. In this way, fatigue stress can be easily combined with thermal stress. A dedicated software controls and manages combined tests through simple operations by the user.


 Customized Discovery My  for tests on electronics boards




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