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Data: 16-18 January / Pune, India
Maharashtra 411038
Booth no. 29

Together with our ATT India Sales and Service Subsidiary we are attending the Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT),a benchmark biennial international event,organized by ARAI, that serves as a forum for exchange of ideas & brainstorming for the automotive industry, with participation of eminent worldwide experts.

SIAT 2019 will focus on recent advances in various automotive areas, such as Safety, Emissions, Engines, Noise, Electric Mobility, Electronics, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle Dynamics, Materials, Alternate Fuels and Simulation & Modelling. It will also bring to fore innovative ideas and solutions in automotive technologies to meet future challenges.

SIAT EXPO 2019 is concurrently being organized with SIAT 2019, would offer an appropriate platform, facilitating the spectrum of national/ international companies to showcase automotive technology, products as also automotive testing/validation tools and engineering services.

The exposition will attract automotive OEMs, Tier-I/II/III suppliers, CAD/CAM/CAE tool providers, technologists, engineering service providers, and test agencies along with India’s finest automotive industry SMEs. Exhibitors will showcase new products, technologies, and services, while providing information to potential business partners worldwide, including clients, distributors, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

SIAT EXPO 2019 will be an excellent platform for the promotion of our test solutions in the automotive field:

  • Standard and Customized environmental test chambers for temperature, humidity, thermal shock, corrosion, vibrations, sand & dust, solar light testing
  • Climatic Dyno chambers
  • Engine Test benches
  • 4 Poster Test chambers
  • VT shed
  • Climatic Wind Tunnels
  • Airbag Test chambers (click on Watch the video for a 8000 l capacity test chamber)
  • Corrosion Test chambers
  • Rain Test chambers
  • Sand and Dust Test chambers
  • Solar Test chambers
  • Altitude chambers
  • Calorimeters to test the efficiency of air conditioning system
  • Battery Test chambers
  • Noxious Gas Test chambers
  • Pedal Test chambers
  • Vibration Test chambers
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • ATEX Test chambers
  • Continuous ovens
  • Fluid Dynamic Simulations
  • Special Thermoregulation Units

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