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TURBOALGOR, belonging to Angelantoni Group, as main sponsor of IT’S ALL ENERGY EFFICIENCY

Data: 25 September 2018 / NH Milano Congress Centre
Strada 2a, Milanofiori, 20090 Assago Milano - Italy

IT'S ALL ENERGY EFFICIENCY is an important event about the future of energy efficiency, a relevant issue for the companies of the Angelantoni Group that have dedicated a lot of their R&D activities to create innovative solutions in this field, some already patented, others under approval.


TURBOALGOR, an innovative start-up that owns a worldwide patent for a device called Cold Energy - drastically reducing the electricity consumption of refrigeration equipment (industrial, commercial and air conditioning) - will be the main sponsor of the event, as well as presenting the Cold  Energy solution in the "Food" session and participating in the round table in the "Retail" section.


An interview to Mauro Margherita, CEO of TURBOALGOR, is available in Italian at the link below. He describes the basic idea of the innovative Cold Energy solution: "Founded in 2015, Turboalgor inherits the results of the R&D activities skilfully carried out by the parent company Angelantoni Industrie as early as 2007. Cold Energy is effectively a "disruptive" technological innovation in that it marks the breaking point with the past and, consequently, a new starting point in the refrigeration industry, and in a short time the "WITHOUT Cold Energy" refrigeration period will finish and the "WITH Cold Energy" one will start. I am talking about an energy efficiency solution that is unique in the world because it is based on a preliminary compression of the refrigerant fluid through the introduction of a turbocharger system inside the traditional refrigeration cycle. This technology lies in the fact that turbocharging has never been developed for applications other than automotive and industrial (air and exhaust gases)."

Mauro Margherita also illustrates the advantages of Cold Energy in terms of energy savings, applications and the current "free" experimentation phase for the first 18 companies that will join the initiative.


IT'S ALL ENERGY EFFICIENCY will represent an exclusive opportunity to meet and discuss with the Energy Managers of the GDO Retail, Food, Pharma and Hospital sectors, who are involved in the planning of medium-long term interventions to achieve savings objectives and be competitive in the market .


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