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  • The Italian Legislative Decree 231 of June 8th. 2001, introduced a system of liability that is defined as administrative but is actually criminal for specific offences committed, according to Italian law, in the Company’s interests or to its advantage: (a) from persons who perform representative functions, management or directive for the Entity or a unit that has functional autonomy as well as persons that exercise, as well as do, the management or the control of the Entity (the Apicals) or; (b) from persons under the direction or supervision of the Apicals (the Agents).

    In those cases, on subjective liability basis, it’s by the driving concept of an “organizational default” that may occur a fine penalty, a disqualification penalty or confiscation (disqualification from the exercise of the activity, suspension or revocation of authorizations, licenses or concessions relating to the offence committed exclusion from grants, loans contributions and subsidies and revocation of any that might already have been granted are, among the possible, the worst punishments).

    However, pursuant to article 6 of act 231/2001, the exoneration from the administrative responsibility is provided if the Company has effectively implemented the model of organization, management and control suitable for the prevention of the committing of the offences mentioned on act 231/2001 (“Model”).

    In compliance with the above, on February 22nd, 2013 Angelantoni Test Technologies S.r.l. Board of directors adopted the Model of organization, management and control ex Legislative Decree 231/2001 and appointed a Control Body (“OdV” and/or “ATT Control Body”) that has the task of performing the continual supervision and of verifying its findings: regarding the compliance on the part of single addressees of the rules and regulations of the Model as well as in general, the reality of cohesion between actual actions and the Model; regarding the appropriateness of the model, that is in its capacity to prevent the committing of offences

    Any breach or suspected non-compliance of the Model 231/01 and/or any other pertinent information concerning its implementation should be pointed out to the ATT Control Body at the following:

    - E-mail address:
    - Post address: Angelantoni test Technologies Srl- Organismo di Vigilanza – Località Cimacolle 464, 06056 Massa Martana (PERUGIA)

    a) Code of Ethics
    b) Legislative Decree 231/2001